About the website

Inspired by the likes of Ultopia and fansites of yore, The Ultra Hub is created by fans to serve as a general hub to share lore, trivia, and production history about the Ultraman franchise and its vast universe. We make sure the information provided in this site is accurate and cite reliable sources as much as possible. We're not a news site either, as official portals and other sites already provided such and we only aim to gather and share the wealth of knowledge surrounding the series.

We would like to make a disclaimer that this site not in any way affiliated with Tsuburaya Productions and/or any of their company partners. This is simply a fan-run website and gains no profit from it whatsoever. Any content or material featured in this site is, unless stated otherwise, owned by their respective owners and will be credited for it.

All of us from Ulhub hopes you enjoy browsing our site!

The Team


A big Ultraman fan since 2014. Loves to dig up trivia within the deepest trenches of Google's search results. Does freelance art.

Easter Retrojima

Author of the Kaiju Kompendium blog with a doctorate in classic tokusatsu binge watching. Is probably from the second dimension.


Local Tokusatsu Cowboy and author of Ultra Blog DX. Is a film enthusiast and the biggest Ultraman Great appreciator.